Sweet Kicks – Nike Dunk Gyrizo (BMX Olympic Dunk)


This year in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a new event will be held; BMX. In honor of the BMX event, Nike has created an innovative sneaker for the BMX contestants. Entitled “Gyrizo”, this Nike Dunk combines much more technology and innovation than a regular Dunk. This is one of Nike’s first attempts into the BMX Scene and only time will tell if the sneaker is popularized. One interesting detail in the sneaker is that the sneaker is built on Lance Armstrong’s last cleat. With their innovative design and stylish colorway, these Gyrizo Dunks are sure to sell out quickly to all of the BMX riders. Stay tuned to Sweet Kicks for more info.



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3 responses to “Sweet Kicks – Nike Dunk Gyrizo (BMX Olympic Dunk)

  1. Passanan

    i want to know, Where i can bye Nike Dunk Gyrizo? How much the price of shoes?

  2. mr. v

    check em out on sneakerhead.com
    they have the dunks with the same colorway but without the gyrizo

  3. i love the shoes they are so awesome and comfy!!!!

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