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Sweet Kicks – Nike Sportswear Dunk High Vandal Red, Black & White

Inspired by the classic Nike Vandal sneaker, these three Dunk Highs fuse the nylon quality of the classic Vandal with the Dunk. These kicks come in black, red, or white. There is no word yet on an official release date, but check back with Sweet Kicks for more info towards the drop. Via Kenlu

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Sweet Kicks – Nike Air Max 1 Premium Mint Safari

The Nike Air Max 1 Premium Mint Safari is part of the Nike Sportswear Spring 2009 Collection. It features an all premium leather upper with touches of Nike’s famous Safari print. Via Sneaker News


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Sweet Kicks – Nike SB December 2008 Collection

Here is a look at two SB’s from the Nike SB December 2008 Collection. These kicks are availabel for purchase at your local Nike SB retailer. More info after the drop.

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Bloggers, Readers, Fans, Sneakerheads…

To our fellow bloggers, readers, fans, sneakerheads, and those who are just plain hype-thirsty,

As you may have noticed, Sweet Kicks has been a little slow on the updates lately and has failed to provide you with your daily dose of Sneaker Culture. We have been undergoing some major changes to benefit the way you receive your info. Our top-notch team of employees is working hard to get our site back on track and we hope to see Sweet Kicks up and running with regular posts daily sometime very soon. For now, stay loyal and true! We still love you all!

Josh Aronson

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Sweet Kicks – “Anyway” (feat. Kid Cudi) by Kanye West

“808’s & Heartbreak” is not so far away, and now that we’ve gotten a hold of several tracks off the upcoming album, fans have something to feed on until the official release of the album. Now we have for you a new track from “808’s & Heartbreak”, called “Anyway”. This track features a background vocal from Kid Cudi and of course, Auto-Tune used by Kanye.

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Sweet Kicks – Lil Wayne: DEAD or ALIVE?

If you haven’t already heard the rumors, hip-hop’s favorite has been shot…or has he? As this is only rumor, we have no really confirmation on the death of Weezy. It would be quite a sad day for one of the most famous MC’s in the game.

UPDATE: Lil Wayne is alive. Thank god.


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Sweet Kicks – Lupe Fiasco Announces Info on lupE.N.D.!

At one of Lupe Fiasco’s most recent concerts, he announced the following information regarding his upcoming album, lupE.N.D.: the album will be Lupe’s final album, it is a 3-disc set, and each disc will have its own name (Disc 1 – Everywhere, Disc 2 – Nowhere, Disc 3- Down here). The first letter in each disc’s name spell out E.N.D., as in lupE.N.D. We know we’re excited for this new album and this new information has really excited all the fans!

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