Sweet Kicks – Lil Wayne: DEAD or ALIVE?

If you haven’t already heard the rumors, hip-hop’s favorite has been shot…or has he? As this is only rumor, we have no really confirmation on the death of Weezy. It would be quite a sad day for one of the most famous MC’s in the game.

UPDATE: Lil Wayne is alive. Thank god.


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10 responses to “Sweet Kicks – Lil Wayne: DEAD or ALIVE?

  1. Damn!

    He is really cool! the best rapper Alive! I do like him, and now he’s over 18 his body really makes him super Rapper!

  2. kingsley

    i was scared when i heard ma best rapper ‘wezzy’ was shot to death.thanks to sweet kicks who gave me the news update that wezzy is still the best rapper alive (i.e he’s still alive)
    lil wayne you are the best!

  3. daniel from nigeria

    i really love him,
    how did the incident happen? Or was it a rumor? I am seeing and hearin the rumor 4 d first time. Anyhow God will keep the best rapper, alive…. Amen



  5. God save wayne he is the best rapper alive pls live and let live …we love you wayne.

  6. Dope!!! selfishambitions.blogspot.com

  7. lil wayne iz da best nd he iz still alive i waz wit him in ma dreamz yesterday 9it?!!!!!!

  8. If he dies,i will hang myself.him na my man.

  9. Its a big lie lil wayn is not dead but he was only short and comfirmed that he is not dead but still at the hospital.

  10. why are people such haters? do you guys sit at home and wish death on this rapper? is this why you guys make the stories. lil wayne would probably laugh at you. i’m laughing at you. you people are true sickos but it’s ok because everyone needs their haters and whoever made it is lil wayne’s number one hater.

    you probably thought everyone was going laugh and congrat you on your practical joke. so immature

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