Sweet Kicks – TechTrackr Talks About iPhone 4’s Video Calling Feature

If you haven’t already heard, the iPhone 4, Apple’s latest endeavor into the smart phone universe, is officialy here. Announced yesterday at Apple’s WWDC Conference, the iPhone 4 is a faster, better version of everyone’s favorite iPhone. The new iPhone packs a ton of great features: a snazzy new design, faster processor, 5-megapixel LED-flash camera, new iOS 4 operating system, front-facing camera, and more.

Amongst these awesome new features is FaceTime, the most prominent and revolutionary addition to date. FaceTime utilizes iPhone 4’s front facing camera to enable you to engage in “video calling”. Yes, video calling. Quite similar to Apple’s iChat, video calling on FaceTime allows you to talk one-on-one, face-to-face, mano-a-mano with another iPhone 4 user. As Apple puts it:

People have been dreaming about video calling for decades. iPhone 4 makes it a reality. With the tap of a button, you can wave hello to your kids, share a smile from across the globe, or watch your best friend laugh at your stories — iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi.

That’s right, over Wi-Fi. Over Wi-Fi?! What about places without Wi-Fi, huh? As great as video calling sounds, it is unfortunately limited to the realm of Wi-Fi connectivity. But don’t give up on FaceTime yet…it is still an absolutely amazing addition to the iPhone, something that will revolutionize phone calls forever.

With FaceTime, you’ll be able to video call in both landscape and portrait mode with the click of a button. Seeing as you can only use FaceTime in Wi-Fi, we should expect fast speeds and minimal lag (hopefully you have as much faith in Apple as we do). FaceTime gives you the ability to make use of both of the iPhone 4’s cameras to share the greatest moments of your life with whoever else is fortunate enough to posses an iPhone 4 in a Wi-Fi zone. Just think of the possibilities…

Not convinced yet? Watch this video and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with FaceTime; I know I did. Video calling awaits, June 24th, available only on the iPhone 4, starting at $199.

Note: This article, courtesy of techtrackr.com, was written by a Sweet Kicks author who also writes for TechTrackr.

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