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Sweet Kicks – Drake’s Debut Album “Thank Me Later” Leaks

You might’ve already heard tracks like “Find Your Love” or the radio hit “Over”, but until you hear the entire album, you won’t have a clue of what Thank Me Later is truly made of. This debut album by rapper-singer-actor and Toronto native Drake is by far one of the most solid hip hop albums this year. Mixed with kind flows (“July”), hard-hitting verses (“Light Up”), radio-hits (“Over”), and straight up hip hop tunes (“Thank Me Now”), the album is both dynamic and fun. Thank Me Later is set to release in stores this Tuesday, June 15th, but you can easily find the entire album leaked across the internet. The singles, “Over”, “Find Your Love”, “Miss Me”, are available now on iTunes. If you’re interested in hearing the entire album, simply google thank me later leak. Also check out some of our previous posts on songs that leaked earlier in the month off of Thank Me Later, each with download links. Below you’ll find the track list, album artwork, and one of our favorite tracks off of Thank Me Later, titled “Thank Me Now”. Enjoy!

Download: Thank Me Now – Drake

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