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Sweet Kicks – Kanye West’s “Robocop” & “Coldest Winter” (CD Quality)

To most Kanye fans, it feels like forever until “808’s & Heartbreak”, West’s upcoming album, will be available. But as the days pass by, more and more of the album is released to the public and the fans’ excitement and the hype around the album is reaching a point of epic proportions. The first two singles, “Love Lockdown” and “Heartless” and a snippet off of a radio-rip of “Coldest Winter”, another track on the album, have already been released, along with cover art for the two singles. Now, Sweet Kicks presents to you two more tracks off the album, in CD Quality. We have available for download the full version of“Coldest Winter” and a never before heard “Robocop”. Hopefully, these two new releases will keep Kanye fans from going crazy over having to wait till November 25th. Also note that the official album cover is pictured above.

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