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Sweet Kicks – Lil Wayne Raps Live From Jail

Live from his jail cell, Lil Wayne spits a verse on Drake and Jay-Z’s track titled “Light Up”. Listen closely (poor quality because this was recorded from a phone conversation) as Wayne raps for his boys on the other line. Download below courtesy of Hip Hop Early.

Download: Light Up (Live Over The Phone) – Lil Wayne

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Sweet Kicks – Drake & Jay-Z Record “Light Up” For New Album

Wow. For those of you who still doubt Canadian rapper Drake, please listen to this track. “Light Up”, produced by Tone Mason and 40, is arguably one of Drake’s strongest tracks straight off of his debut album Thank Me Later. Drake described the track himself to MTV News as a “turning point” for the album. Listen as Drake intensely delivers his clever verse, throws in a nice chorus, and finishes off the track with a verse from everyone’s favorite Jay-Z. Download the track below from EARMILK and lend us your thoughts in the comments section.

Download: Light Up (ft. Jay-Z) – Drake

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